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Process of injection processing


Shanghai injection processing

There are still a lot of processing technologies, because many people do n’t know about this industry, so they do n’t know much about it, but they have a lot of knowledge about it. Take Changzhou injection molding processing Speaking of which, there are many processes, and many people should be interested in the process of injection molding. The following article describes the process of injection molding in Changzhou.

After carburizing and quenching, the tooth surface is hard, the internal hardness of the gear is low, it can withstand large contact stress and bending stress, and it has the advantages of small deformation after quenching. Injection processing is widely used in the manufacture of internal gears for transmissions of automobiles and high-precision machine tools in China. In view of the current situation, the process route of injection molding in Changzhou is: tooth rough machining (hobbing, gear shaping), heat treatment (carburizing and quenching), hot rolling (heat preservation) cooling.

The specific process is as follows: After pre-processing and hobbing the 20CrMo gear, it is carburized and induction heated to AC3 (875) austenitizing temperature at high frequency. Squeeze, squeeze the wheel to plastically deform the gear surface to the corresponding size, and roll over.

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