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Development trend of plastic product processing manufacturers


Shanghai injection processing production

The development direction of plastic product processing manufacturers can be summarized as two aspects. The first is to improve the performance, that is, to modify the existing varieties in various ways to improve its comprehensive performance; the second is to develop the function, that is, to develop polymer materials with physical functions such as light, electricity, and magnetism, so that plastics can Photoelectric effect, pyroelectric effect, piezoelectric effect, etc.

Judging from the current development speed of the world's plastics industry, Germany and Sweden are at the front, Japan and some European countries are second, and the United States is slower. Foreign plastic packaging shows the following development trends:

Copolymer composite packaging films are currently investing heavily in non-polar and polar ethylene copolymers in some countries in Europe and the United States, which will greatly improve the stretch and co-extrusion properties of plastic films, and improve transparency, seal strength, resistance to stress and cracking And enhance the stability performance, improve the molecular weight cloth and extrusion rheological properties.

Foreign experts believe that the current development focus of the plastic industry in the world lies in plastic modification, coating technology of plastic products, rapid biodegradation of waste plastics, and comprehensive technologies for plastic recycling. For example, some manufacturers in Europe and the United States have adopted linear ethylene-αene copolymers and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer blends / PA bags, which are suitable for packaging ice cream, cream and other foods.

Multifunctional composite film

Many foreign countries have developed multifunctional composite films to further refine their functions. For example: cold-resistant film can withstand low-temperature environment of -18 ℃, -20 ℃, -35 ℃; Moisture-proof film made of PP with moisture-proof treatment, its series of products can be divided into moisture-proof, anti-condensation, anti-steam, and adjustable moisture Anticorrosive film can be used to package perishable foods with high acidity and sweetness; friction film is stable in stacking; special PE film is resistant to chemicals and corrosion; anti-smear film is added with no odor-proof insecticide; The heat-resistant film of nylon 66 replaces bi-axially stretched nylon 6 packaged food, which has a high temperature resistance of 140 ° C; the new special food packaging film can improve the flavor retention of food packaging; the non-crystalline nylon film is similar to glass in transparency; Color, fragrance, taste, nutrition index and taste quality stability; The metal protective film uses LDPE modified film to package liquid products, which can be heat-sealed in low temperature environment; PP synthetic paper is used to improve the light resistance, cold resistance and resistance of the package. Heat resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, grease resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and impact resistance.

At present, plastic cups and composite cups (outer PSP, inner PP, lid PS) are popular in foreign countries for packaging cold, hot drinks, wine, and convenience foods. In France, fructose and yogurt are packaged in PE bottles, and milk is packaged in PC bottles in Germany. China uses PE bottles to package medicines.

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