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Measures to reduce mold odor


Injection processing

措施 Measures to reduce mold odor in injection molding? Injection molding seems to be simple, but it does not allow any errors, processing proportions and process problems. Injection molding can cause mold odors, reduce the quality level of the mold, and cause harm to the user's health. So, measures to reduce the mold odor of injection molding? Let us briefly understand. ,

措施 Measures to reduce mold odor in injection molding?

1.Control the use of additives

填充 Filling agents, plasticizers, colorants (colorants), lubricants, stabilizers, foaming agents, crosslinking agents, curing agents, etc. may be used in injection molds. These substances are burned and used to make plastic products carry ethylene, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, amines, ammonia odor or other odors. Therefore, try to control the proportion and weight of additives, and use zinc stabilizers instead of phenol stabilizers during PVC extrusion or calendering. The heat stabilizer tin octoate has a small odor and has a low atomization property, and is often used. Plant-derived oils such as erucic acid and oleic acid are much less odorous than amine lubricants (for polyolefins and styrenic food packaging materials) made from animal-extracted oils.

2, add fragrance

加入 The fragrance added during the injection molding process only covers the odor. For injection molds with low odor, it can be used. This method can be used in the injection molding, extrusion or blow molding of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyolefin thermoplastic elastomers. Generally used in household goods, cosmetic containers, household appliances and garden equipment.

3. Adsorption and decomposition methods such as activated carbon

Using the adsorption capacity of odor adsorbents such as activated carbon and high surface area silicate, the vacuum treatment environment can promote the desorption process. Odor can also be removed using special detergent solutions. Generally these detergents are aqueous or alkaline solutions containing surfactants.

4. Use high purity resin

In many plastics, such as the production of plastics such as polyvinyl chloride, styrene, polyethyl acetate, and acrylate, residual trace monomers can produce unpleasant odors. The use of a resin with a small amount of residual monomers can reduce the occurrence of off-flavors.

如果 If a small amount of zeolite is filled in the polymer, the effect of removing the data odor can be achieved. Zeolites have a lot of crystalline vacancies, which can trap small gas molecules with odor.

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