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What are the inspection requirements for injection molding


Injection mold is one of the important molds in the mold industry. It can produce many plastic products with plastic molds. There are many requirements for injection molding processing, and what are the inspection requirements for large injection molding processing.

1. Injection processing: The raw materials must be fully dried according to the process requirements, and there must be no moisture, otherwise there will be silver streaks on the surface after injection.

2. The temperature, pressure, and time of injection molding process meet the requirements of the process parameter card. The injection speed should be strictly controlled. An excessively fast injection speed will lead to poor adhesion between the coating and the substrate. between)

Three, the material should be cleared after the intermediate shutdown to avoid brittleness of the injection molding products due to the degradation of the raw materials in the screw due to the long residence time.

4. During the injection molding process, do not use release agents, especially release agents containing silicone oil, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of the coating.

Fifth, during the injection molding process, the operator must wear clean cotton gloves to prevent the product surface from being polluted.

6. The surface of the injection-molded part must not be polished or sanded, so as not to affect the adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

VII. Internal stress control: The product is not allowed to have a large internal stress, and the internal stress test should be performed after injection molding.

Dimension control: Length, mounting feet or mounting holes meet the requirements of drawings and gages.

Shanghai injection processing production

事项 What should be paid attention to in the process of Shanghai injection molding production? Today, I will come to you for the popular science of science and technology about the details of the precautions in the large injection molding process!

First, during large-scale injection molding production, the temperature of the material tube must be gradually increased after a period of production, mainly because the melt in the injection tube of the injection molding machine has a long heating time, low viscosity, and good fluidity. The product is easy to run, and after a period of production, the melted glue continuously takes away the heat, resulting in insufficient melted glue, high viscosity, poor fluidity, and lack of glue.

Second, three points of glue should be used to evenly glue the product to prevent the oval shape of the product. Secondly, when the metal insert product is re-produced, the insert should be pre-heated to prevent the metal insert from cracking when the metal insert product is re-produced.

Third, for products that are prone to brittleness, it should be solved by increasing the proportion of new materials and reducing the number of times the nozzles are recycled. Generally, it cannot be more than three times. There is also the phenomenon of fiber flooding in glass fiber products, which can be solved by increasing the melt temperature, mold temperature, and increasing the injection pressure.

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