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Cosmetic injection processing

Cosmetic injection processing

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  • Release date:2019-12-04
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The processing requirements of injection molded parts have always been very strict, especially when external injection molded parts are used, the rigidity will be further deepened. The processing requirements of injection molded parts not only have large appearance dimensions, but also not only the performance that cannot be ignored, especially the strength of the injection molded parts.

First of all, from the appearance requirements, the appearance of the injection molding material must be in accordance with standard samples or written requirements, and the gloss is consistent; at the same time, the exposed surface will not have obvious scratches and scars; it is angular, flush and blunt, and must not have abnormal corners. In short, the overall appearance of the surface looks flat, without noticeable deformation, and there is no convex package exposed on the outer surface.

Second is the size required for injection molding, and the error must be kept within the allowable range; of course, under the guarantee of some injection molded parts, the size may be suitable for relaxation, but it cannot be too large with the standard size of the sample or drawing. After injection, the strength of the injection cannot be changed freely, and the material, shape, thickness, impact and other changes in strength principles should be used. Try to use materials that require toughness, wear resistance, cheap, and have a certain strength. Mold processing of plastic parts

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